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Impact Awards


The 2014 Impact Award winners were acknowledged on stage at Elevating Impact and received a one-of-a-kind award created in partnership with local design shop ADX.

Impact Entrepreneurship
Sustainable Harvest

Impact Intrapreneurship
MicroMentor, an Initiative of Mercy Corps

Campus Innovation
PSU's Center for Public Interest Design 


As part of the Elevating Impact Summit, the Impact Awards recognize the achievements of remarkable changemakers and teams who are using entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial approaches to generate positive social and environmental impact. Impact Award winners act boldly to implement programs or ventures that demonstrate innovation and lasting impact.


This year, awards will be given for outstanding impact in the following categories: Campus Innovation; Impact Intrapreneurship; and Impact Entrepreneurship. To submit a nomination for an individual, a team, or yourself, please follow the link below and carefully review the additional detail on selection criteria for each award category. 


● Campus Innovation: Pinchot, the Opal School, and the Center for Public Interest Design in the School of Architecture at PSU

● Impact Entrepreneurship: Vocoform, GO Box, and Sustainable Harvest

● Impact Intrapreneurship: Mercy Corps MicroMentor, DePaul Industries social enterprises, and Ecotrust Forest Management




The social venture is a new idea, a creative variation/new approach to an existing idea, or a new geographic or demographic area of focus for an existing idea.

The idea has the potential to achieve or is achieving transformative social and/or environmental impact through the application of innovative approaches to benefit society.

Financial Sustainability
The venture is financially viable or has a financially sustainable business model. 


This award is designed to recognize the achievements of a student, faculty, or staff member from any school who has generated significant positive social and environmental impact through their work. 

A social intrapreneur is someone who uses their position and influence within an existing organization or institution to launch or incubate a new product, service or venture that creates significant positive social and environmental impact. This effort should represent an innovative approach distinct from the organization or institution’s past projects.

This award is designed to recognize the achievements of an entrepreneur or entrepreneurial team working to address a major social or environmental problem through the innovative application of business tools and approaches. Their model should go far beyond charity donations or direct service; instead, their entire business should be designed to generate the positive social and environmental change they envision.


*Not all innovations are led by a single hero. Many are led by a heroic team. To honor outstanding teams behind the brightest solutions creating positive impact in our communities and our world, we opened this year’s Impact Awards to individuals, as well as groups of people. 
*Priority was be given to organizations, projects, and ideas with some relevance to the Oregon community
*Winners were honored onstage at the 2014 Elevating Impact Summit in Portland to an audience of 400+
* See last year's prize winners HERE.