Elevating Impact 2017

The 2017 Summit brought together 500 attendees for a full day with speakers, performers, and interactive experiences to celebrate entrepreneurship and innovation for positive social, environmental, and economic impact.

The 2017 theme, from ancient mythology to future technology, considered how we shape emerging industries and technologies with a lens on equity and lessons from the past.

The Elevating Impact Talks are now on video! 


Find photos from the day here 

Keynote Speakers

Vidya Spandana is an engineer, entrepreneur, and former White House Presidential Innovation Fellow who co-founded New Knowledge and DMV.org, and leverages data and technology to bring people together from across sectors to overcome meaningful, difficult, global challenges.

Vishnu Swaminathan leads Ashoka’s South Asia’s efforts to create an "Everyone a Changemaker" world—one where each person has the skills, drive, and resources to push forward solutions to pressing social and environmental problems, and each organization works to maximize the changemaking potential of its members. 
Riva-Melissa Tez is an inventor, investor, scholar, and entrepreneur. As co-founder at Permutation Ventures, Riva works with venture capitalists and institutional investors in funding transformative technologies and advancing the global conversation on ethics for emerging technologies


The program included:

  • Pitch Fest: early-stage innovators vie for the audience vote with 5-minute presentations 
  • Featured Presenters: renowned social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs share provocative questions and ideas 
  • Discussions: industry experts discuss different approaches to addressing social and environmental problems
  • Creative performances: local artists create new experiences for the audience
  • Impact Awards: Recognize the achievements of tireless teams making measurable change
  • Celebrations: eat, drink and mingle during networking breaks and a lively reception  


The Summit is made possible by generous contributions from allied organizations. Meet the sponsors and community partners here, and contact us to find out about supporting scholarships and more.