Design Thinking

MGMT 421/521s - Design Thinking for Social Innovation

"This course has changed what I thought the problems were and how I can help address those issues."

--Lanette Andrew

Course information

Course Title: Design Thinking for Social Innovation | MGMT 421/521 

Term: Winter

Format: Online, asychronous

Credits: 4 academic credits for enrolled students, or 12 Continuing Education Units for non-enrolled community members.

Jacen Greene, Program Manager, Social Enterprise Initiatives,
 Impact Entrepreneurs, School of Business Administration at Portland State University

Todd Ferry, Research Associate, Center for Public Interest Design, School of Architecture, Portland State University.

Learning Outcomes:

Students will be able to

  • Understand foundational definitions in social innovation and social entrepreneurship and how they relate to the student's concept.
  • Analyze a social or environmental problem of their choice through expert interviews, secondary research, and stakeholder engagement.
  • Create and evaluate a proposed solution to a social or environmental problem using best practices in design. 
  • Develop and demonstrate improved self-awareness, clarity of purpose, ability to seek and respond effectively to feedback, and empathic leadership skills.

Key Texts:

  • David Bornstein and Susan Davis, Social Entrepreneurship: What Everyone Needs to Know
  •, Human-Centered Design Toolkit

Sample Course Videos: