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White Papers

The topics we chose for the papers are responsive to the needs of practitioners, policy-makers and industry. We put particular focus on approaches that are multi-disciplinary and collaborative. We have focused our white paper research on four topics:

The Effectiveness of Safe Routes to School and Other Programs to Promote Active Transportation to School

Lynn Weigand, Ph.D.

This paper reviews research that has evaluated programs to increase active transportation to school, focusing on evidence-based studies designed to measure changes in attitudes and behavior about journey to school transportation. It is intended to summarize the state of the knowledge in the field today, identify the gaps in research, and provide direction for future study on this topic.


The Economic Benefits of Bicycle-Related Activities

Lynn Weigand, Ph.D.

This paper reviews what we know about the economic impact of bicycling. It summarizes the studies that have examined the impact of bicycling on local, regional and state economies in the forms of production, sales, jobs, income and tax revenues, primarily from industry (manufacturing and retail) and tourism.


The Mental Health Benefits of Walking and Bicycling

Lynn Weigand, Ph.D.
Mallory Atkinson, MURP Graduate

This paper reviews what we know about the impact of walking and physical activity on mental health conditions that appeared to be most relevant to walking as in the popular and academic literature: mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression, cognitive functioning and social capital or networks.


Intersection Treatments to Improve Bicycle Access and Safety

Lynn Weigand, Ph.D.

This paper is intended to review the literature on the design and evaluation of intersection treatments that are specifically intended to improve on-street bicyclist safety and/or convenience at intersections where motor vehicles are present.


If you have any ideas for a research project or white paper, please contact Hau Hagedorn.