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Resources for Pedestrians

Improving the Pedestrian Environment Through Innovative Transportation Design (2005). Boroski, J., Seskin, S. & Sweeney, P. of Brinckerhoff, Parsons. Institute of Transportation Engineers.

This report examines innovations in transportation design for pedestrians. Case studies illustrate what communities such as Boulder and New York are doing to plan, design, and enhance pedestrian infrastructure. Covers pedestrian safety awareness programs; pedestrian and bicycle bridges and tunnels; pedestrian and bicycle corridors.

Context Sensitive Solutions in Designing Major Urban Thoroughfares for Walkable Communities (2005). Institute of Transportation Engineers.

An ITE Proposed Recommended Practice. Focuses on applying the principles of CSS in transportation planning and the design of roadway improvement projects in places where community objectives support walkable communities-compact development, mixed land uses and support for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Alternative Treatments for At-Grade Pedestrian Crossings (2001). Institute of Transportation Engineers.

The ITE Pedestrian and Bicycle Task force prepared this report on crosswalks. Summarizes studies on pedestrian crossings and the various treatments currently in use by local agencies in the U.S., Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Australia to improve crossing safety for pedestrians.

Designing for Pedestrians: A Guide to Good Practice (2006). Essex County Council.

Sets out technical guidance for designers and engineers on facilities for an enhanced walking environment for all. Focuses particularly on improving the walking environment to give greater access to persons with mobility impairment.

The post-automobile city : Legal mechanisms to establish the pedestrian-friendly city (2004). Kushner, J.

The automobile in American society : political economy and geography -- Advantages of the automobile -- Disadvantages of the automobile -- Toward the post-automobile city -- Post-automobile implementation strategies.

Accommodating the Pedestrian : Adapting Towns and Neighborhoods for Walking and Bicycling (1984). Untermann, R.

Pedestrians and Bicycles 2006, Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board (TRR: Journal), No. 1982 (2006). Various.

Contains 24 papers on the subject of pedestrians and bicycles.

The Pedestrian and City Traffic (1990). Hass-Klau, Carmen.

Urban Space for Pedestrians: A Quantitative Approach (1975). Pushkarev, Boris & Zupan, Jeffrey M.