This year’s summit, in Portland, Oregon, offers three days of Open Street learning opportunities, culminating in a fun-filled Sunday Parkway event. The program consists of sessions in four different tracks:

  • (A) Inspiring Community Resilience - Health/Physical Activity 
  • (B) Making the Case – Policymakers/Researchers 
  • (C) Building a Movement – Practitioners/Technicians 
  • (D) Open Streets and Tactical Urbanism: Complementary approaches to reimagining our streets. 

These tracks are indicated in the session number assigned to each presentation.

Thu, Aug 18, 2016 Fri, Aug 19, 2016 Sat, Aug. 20, 2016 Sun, Aug. 21, 2016
12:00pm Check-in 8:30am Breakout Session #2 9:30am Mobile Tours #2  11:00am to 4:00pm Portland Sunday Parkways 
1:30pm Opening Plenary 10:30am Breakout Session #3 12:00pm Public Keynote Lunch 11:30am Sunday Parkways Tour
3:30pm Breakout Session #1 12:30pm Lunch Plenary 2:30pm Mobile Tours #3  
5:30pm Open Streets Reception  2:30pm Breakout Session #4
  4:15pm Mobile Tours #1    


If you'd like to view in PDF format, click on link below:

PDF icon2016 International Open Streets Summit program.pdf

Opening Plenary | Thursday 1:30 PM (speaker bios)

Earl Blumenauer, Congressman, U.S. House of Representatives

Charlie Hales, Mayor, City of Portland

Leah Treat, Director, Portland Bureau of Transportation

Linda Ginenthal, Program Manager, Portland Sunday Parkways


Breakout Session #1 | Thursday 3:30 PM (detailed description)

1A: Room 327. Building the Case for Street Design that Supports Health, Dana Dickman and Colin Harris (Alta Planning + Design)

1B: Room 338. Surveying Participants: Lessons from Viva Calle San Jose 2015 (San Jose), Asha Weinstein Agrawal (Mineta Transportation Institute)
1B: Room 338. Evidence from 125 U.S. Open Streets, Aaron Hipp (North Carolina State University), Alyssa Bird (8 80 Cities)

1C-1: Room 328. Open Streets: Challenging the Paradigm of Mobility (Cape Town), Marcela Guerrero Casas (Open Streets Cape Town)
1C-1: Room 328. Over the Goal Line! Overcoming Partnership Challenges (San Jose)Brian Clampitt, Carlos Velazquez, and Lt. Tommy Troy

1C-2: Room 329. The Portland Sunday Parkways Story (Portland), Linda Ginenthal, Rich Cassidy and Alexis Gabriel (City of Portland), Neal Armstrong (Axiom Event Productions)

1C-3: Room 333. Planning Open Streets from within City Government: Stories from 3 Cities (Windsor, San Jose, Long Beach), Michael Cooke (City of Windsor), Tasha Day (City of Long Beach), Alyssa Bird (8 80 Cities), Ed Solis (San Jose)


Breakout Session #2 | Friday 8:30 AM (detailed description)

2A: Room 338. Creative Open Streets Engagement Strategies to Enhance Equity and Low Income Communities (Oakland), Chris Hwang (Walk Oakland Bike Oakland)
2A: Room 338. Forward Together: Increasing Diversity and Inclusion Through Open Streets (New Brunswick), Charles Brown (Rutgers University), Jaymie Santiago (New Brunswick Tomorrow)

2B-1: Room 328. Canada's Capital Sunday Bike Days (Ottawa), Bruce Devine (National Capital Commission)
2B-1: Room 328. How-To's, Positive Impacts, Challenges, and Lessons Learned from Hosting Events in National Parks (Washington DC), Laurie Miskimins (Federal Lands Highway), Erica Simmons (Volpe National Transportation Systems Center), Krista Sherwood (National Park Service)

 2B-2: Room 333. Your Street. Your Day. Centering Community At Open Streets (San Francisco), Katy Birnbaum (Livable City)

2C: Room 329. Confessions of an Open Streets Newbie (Macon), Rachel Hollar (Bike Macon) and David Moore (NewTown Macon)
2C: Room 329. How Do You Save Money? A Live Crowd-Sourcing Workshop (Toronto), Alyssa Bird (8 80 Cities) 

2D: Room 327. City of Portland - Portland in the Streets permitting (Portland), Christine Leon and Denver Igarta (City of Portland)
2D: Room 327. Goldilocks and Streets: What's "Just Right" for You? (Los Angeles), Aaron Paley (Community Arts Resources), Mike Lydon (Street Plans)



Breakout Session #3 | Friday 10:30 AM (detailed description)

3A: Room 327. Sunday Parkways and New Portlanders: Engaging Immigrants and Refugees in Open Streets, Ronault "Polo" Catalani, Alexis Gabriel, Janis McDonald, and Som Subedi (City of Portland)

3B: Room 328/9. Selling Open Streets: Effective Messaging (Portland), Rex Burkholder (Gettingto2100)
3B: Room 328/9. Disappointment to Success: Growing Pains in Fort Collins (Fort Collins), Nick Heimann (City of Fort Collins)
3B: Room 328/9. The Policy Rationale Behind Open Streets from a Small City (Redding)Anne Wallach Thomas (Shasta Living Streets)

3D: Room 333. How Open Streets PHL Brought a New Idea to an Old City in 6 Months (Philadelphia), Nate Hommel (University City District / Open Streets PHL), Mike Lydon

Lunch Plenary | Friday 12:30 PM (speaker bios)

Kristyn Wong-Tam, City Councillor, Toronto City Council

Gonzalo Stierling Aguayo, Director, CicloRecreoVía


MC: Rex Burkholder, Gettingto2100


Breakout Session #4 | Friday 2:30 PM (detailed description)

4A: Room 338. Changing to Healthy Habits through Ciclovía Recreativa (Santiago, Chile), Gonzalo Aguayo Stierling, Oscar Rodriguez, Manuela Interian, Velia Mendoza, Lucía Llanos and Lale Santelices\
4A: Room 338. Cully Camina – Oregon Walkways, Lale Santelises
4A: Room 338. Guadalajara: Connecting Cities, Oscar Rodriguez

4C: Room 333. Building Community Through Open Streets (San Francisco), Katy Birnbaum (Sunday Streets San Francisco) and Neal Armstrong (Axiom Event Productions)
4C: Room 333. Strength in Numbers: Best Practices for Volunteer Recruitment (Los Angeles), Henny Alamillo, Rachel Burke and Annette Lanzarotta (CicLAvia)

4D-1: Room 327. The Green Loop: A 21st Century Public Works Project (Portland), Lora Lillard and Nolan Lienhart (ZGF Architects)
4D-1: Room 327. #BetterFeedback through Temporarily Re-Imagined Public Spaces, Gwen Shaw (Better Block PDX)

4D-2: Room 329. Tactical Urbanism by the Establishment: Creating City Quick-Build Programs, Amica Bose, Julie Flynn, Mike Lydon (Street Plans)
4D-2: Room 329. Busting Through Success-Driven Complacency (Missoula), Lisa Dworak (Missoula in Motion)

Public Keynote Luncheon | Saturday 12:00 PM (speaker bios)

Tyler Norris, Vice President of Total Health Partnerships, Kaiser Permanente

Nicole Keith, Research Scientist, University of Indiana

Dan Burden, Director of Innovation & Inspiration, Blue Zones

Phil Wu, MD, Vice Chair of NW Health Foundation, Kaiser Permanente