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Pauline Duffy
Pauline Duffy

Student Services Coordinator

As Student Services Coordinator, I keep a watchful eye on our students working their way through the various programs:  the PhD, MURP, MUS, and a number of certificates.  At the front end I manage the logistics of the admissions process for these programs.  Overall, I am the go-to person for faculty and students to help ensure procedures are followed, hurdles are overcome, and our students are able to navigate through the system even when life throws them curve balls.  

Ireland is home, with Portland following a close second!  My M.S. in Geography has equipped me to spend a professional life in education, one way or another.  In other iterations I have been a writer, editor, and associate producer on PBS documentaries.  In Northern Ireland I facilitated bringing together disparate, antagonistic groups from across the warring political divide.  In the Republic of Ireland I brought light to a wee corner of politics around the Chernobyl disaster.  And over my years with the PSU community I have learned the lie of the land; I have figured my way around and through the University’s budgeting system; and I have learned how to be there for the unique challenges students at an urban campus often face.