For Practitioners

IBPI offers professional development courses, and works with academics and professionals to create new courses and course curricula at the undergraduate and graduate levels that may be offered at one or more of our partner institutions.

Mia Birk (frequent course instructor, and IBPI board member) explains:

Why Take an IBPI Course?

Experience. There is NOTHING as effective as the right people going on a bike tour of places like Portland, Boulder, Berkeley, or Minneapolis. Our IBPI classes will open your eyes and fill you with joy.

Understand “neighborhood greenways.” It is hard to understand bike boulevards, aka neighborhood greenways, without experiencing them. This is because they do not involve bike lanes and there are so few examples nationwide. People often misunderstand, thinking that the changes on the street are too radical or scary. Our May 20th bike boulevard course will clear up these misconceptions and make it much easier for you to explain to colleagues and stakeholders.

Access. The depth of professional experience in Portland is truly stunning, from engineers to consultants to government officials to academics to advocates. We all work together to present and explain issues from different angles. Once you meet the team, you’ll have access to the some of the nation’s best expertise built up over a 20-year timeframe.

Funding. Many of our participants use their experience to apply for grants and other forms of funding. As John Rivera of Culver City explained, “The IBPI course gave me the language I needed to be successful.” He won a $250,000 grant for a bike/pedestrian plan after attending one of our courses.

Gain valuable skills. The field of bicycle and pedestrian planning has rapidly evolved in the last 20 years and continues to do so. We bring you up to speed on the cutting edge in research and practice, offering valuable skills for your professional life. “I was able to launch a consulting career thanks to the IBPI weeklong bike-pedestrian intensive class,” Anthony Pratt, Billings MT.

Fun!  Learn with a smile as you walk and bike, visit with professionals, and experience how we got to where we are.


If you have ideas for future course topics, or wish to be placed on the mailing list to receive notices of future course offerings, please email us.

Courses offered by IBPI may satisfy continuing education requirements as a condition for licensure or certification renewal. It is the responsibility of the individual to check with the certifying board or agency to determine if the course qualifies, and, in most cases, to maintain records to support credits claimed. IBPI applies to the AICP for Certification Maintenance credit for each relevant professional development event. IBPI provides a completion certificate for each course that documents attendance, course title, date, location and course instructor. 

Professionals may also attend the credited PSU courses (usually by signing up as a "quick entry" or "post-bac" student). Descriptions of course offerings can be found in the PSU Bulletin.