Bicycle and Pedestrian Research Guide

Resources for Researchers, Practitioners, Students and Community Members

Over the past few decades, the topics of pedestrian safety and bicycle transportation have moved increasingly to the forefront. The United States, long considered a perfect fit for the automobile industry because of its relatively expansive countryside, is now a breeding ground for bicyclist and trails enthusiasts. European, Asian, Australian and other countries have pursued bicycle transportation and pedestrian-friendly cities even longer.

This guide provides a list of bicycle and pedestrian transportation resources. Many of these resources are readily available at the Portland State University Library. The guide was originally published as a print guide titled Current American and International Monographs on Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation. It was written by Nancy Peate, MLS, in March of 2008. 

This research was initiated and supervised by the Reference Librarian to the College of Urban and Public Affairs at Portland State University, in conjunction with Lynn Weigand PhD.