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Date Speaker Webinar
04/25/17 Jenny Liu Webinar: Economic Impacts from Bicycle and Pedestrian Street Improvements
02/21/17 Tara Goddard Integrating explicit and implicit methods in travel behavior research: A study of driver attitudes and bias
01/26/2017 Edward Smaglik and Sirisha Kothuri Improving Walkability at Signalized Intersections with Signal Control Strategies
12/13/2016 Krista Nordback State-wide Pedestrian and Bicycle Miles Traveled: Can we estimate it?
04/21/2016 John MacArthur Evaluation of an Electric Bike Pilot Project in Portland, Oregon
02/18/2016 Kelly Clifton Development of a Pedestrian Demand Estimation Tool
08/27/2015 Krista Nordback and collaborators Pedestrians Count! – How to Measure Foot Traffic
08/11/2015 Jennifer Dill Four Types of Cyclists: A National Look
08/05/2015 Jennifer Dill and Hugh Morris Americans' Views of Transportation and Livable Communities
06/23/2015 Yizhao Yang Understanding the Socio-Psychological Factors Affecting Active Travel to School
04/23/2015 Alex Bigazzi Impacts of Roadway and Traffic Characteristics on Air Pollution Risks for Bicyclists
03/19/2015 Chris Monsere A Comprehensive Evaluation of Protected Cycling Facilities: Lessons from Five Cities
1/29/2015 Sirisha Kothuri Exploring Pedestrian Responsive Traffic Signal Timing Strategies in Urban Areas
12/3/2014 Marc Schlossberg Rethinking Streets: An Evidence-Based Guide to 25 Complete Street Transformations
9/25/2014 Nick Foster Evaluating the Level-of-Service of Protected Bike Lanes
7/16/2014 Nicole Iroz-Elardo Health Impact Assessment (HIA) in Transportation Planning
6/11/2014 Health and Transportation Partners Working to Improve Pedestrian Safety in Oregon
6/9/2014 John MacArthur E-Bikes: Generating the New Wave of Cyclists
5/22/2014 Kristina Currans Advances in Estimating the Transportation Impact of Development for Urban Locations
2/27/2013 Krista Nordback, Ph.D. We are Traffic: Creating Robust Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Programs