HR Return to Campus Guide

Welcome to the PSU HR Return to Campus Guide

As announced by President Percy, PSU plans to reopen campus on September 7th. The PSU Return to Campus process will help us to prepare in the coming months, but it will require flexibility and collaboration. We would like to acknowledge that this is a fluid process, with additional details becoming evident with each passing day, and we will be updating this website with more information as it is available.

The information contained on this HR resource site is intended as a single point of reference for the many conversations that will occur as we all prepare for the fall. While some aspects of these guidelines apply to all employees, other conversations will necessarily reflect the needs of your area, the requirements of certain positions or to your specific circumstances.

If you have any feedback related to this material, please let us know by sending an email with the subject line of 'HR Return to Campus Website Feedback' to

As we work through this return process, remember that our differences as a community are what help to make us strong. Thank you in advance for your partnership as a member of the PSU community and for the understanding and flexibility that we will give to each other as we rise to the challenges ahead. Although these circumstances may contain uncertainties, our resilience and good will is never in doubt.

I look forward to a vibrant and engaged PSU campus in the fall, and I can't wait to see you there.

-Nathan Klinkhammer, AVP HR

With ongoing vaccinations, social distancing and mask policies, PSU anticipates a Fall term in which campus is once again open for all students, staff, and faculty.

Returning to campus presents new challenges. It will be natural to experience anxiety around uncertainty of the future or questions about what this new future will look like. Careful planning, consideration and discussion must occur for PSU to realize a safe and successful Fall term.

PSU’s return to campus considers the following Four Pillars of PSU ‘Return to Campus’ Planning

Integrating principles of cultural competency and equitable practice to promote the success of every PSU community member and the diverse communities we serve.

Open for Fall, Open for All. Providing equitable access to a safe, accessible workplace that allows employees and students to thrive.

Working together with mutual respect and in good faith to arrive at plans that meet our institutional and personal goals.

Tapping into our community’s expertise and creativity to encourage transformation and adaptation.



Returning to a New Normal

The first important step in returning to campus is to ensure health and safety. Tasks such as getting a vaccine or testing and performing a daily symptom check can help ensure our campus community's successful return.

As we start planning to transition back to campus, it's an opportunity to think about creating more innovative ways to work. The pandemic has forced us to re-think the way we teach, conduct meetings, meet with students, and communicate. What questions do you still have unanswered? What information will help you to be informed and ready for the conversation?

Grounded in our PSU values and centering on student success, how can you begin to think about designing the new normal together with your colleagues?

We have compiled some resources for you to explore as you talk with your supervisor about your return to campus.

Managing Change in Uncertain Times

Conversations about Return to Campus relate to our initial reopening plans for the Fall Term. Plans will need to be flexible and responsive to the changing nature of the pandemic, our institution, and community members.

Sometimes just starting a difficult conversation can be challenging. Make yourself available to others via any method that mutually works best. Provide some flexibility in when and how often you meet to discuss your area's needs.

We encourage supervisors and leaders to conduct conversations with curiosity by asking open ended questions. Holding conversations in this way allows the employee to determine their own actions and allows you as the supervisor to help work with them on considering how they want to be accountable.

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