Return to Campus - Supervisor Resources

These new and curated resources are for supervisors who are beginning conversations with their employees about returning to campus. The details of each area’s return to work on campus should be determined based on university and personal needs through the lenses of Equity, Access, Collaboration, and Innovation. In addition, important university-level policies and guidelines must also be observed. We encourage you to begin these conversations as soon as possible to help in developing a plan.

Some questions to ask yourself as you begin to plan your unit's return to campus

How has my team changed since the pandemic began? In what ways has your team changed since the pandemic began? Have you increased or reduced  your team's size? Has work shifted or changed significantly for one or more employees? Do I have new employees who have never worked on campus before?

What are our critical areas of coverage? Do we offer services for which staffing on campus will be required as we re-open buildings? Where can we be flexible as things change? Where do I need to ask for more support from my own supervisor or other departments/teams?

Will I allow my employees to work remotely? Who should work where and when? Will this incur additional equipment costs? How will essential services be covered?

What additional support will I need? Do you need more equipment for employees or yourself? Do you need to rearrange staff duties to accommodate remote workers (if you're allowing this)?

What strengths can I bring to this process? Are you good at active listening or communicating through change? Do you have any biases from past experiences with employees or assumptions from previous campus interactions that you'd like to overcome? What other skills can you call upon to help you with this process?

Some questions to consider when talking with your employees

How are you feeling about returning to campus?

What do you envision returning to work looking like?

What concerns do you have?

Are there any additional materials, training, or equipment that you need to feel safe?

Are there any personal obstacles that would need to be overcome in order for you to return to the office?

Is there anything I, as your supervisor, can help you with?

Are there ways that our team as a whole could better support you?

Is there anything PSU could do to better support our employees?

What’s one process or practice that you’d like to see our team or department continue?

What’s one process or practice that you’d like to see our team or organization revise or stop?