Return to Campus - Employee Resources

These new and curated resources are for employees looking for guidance and more information. The details of each area’s return to work on campus should be determined based on university and personal needs through the lenses of Equity, Access, Collaboration, and Innovation. In addition, important university-level policies and guidelines must also be observed. Every employee is encouraged to work with their manager to ensure this first phase goes as smoothly as possible.

Some things to consider when preparing yourself to return to campus

What do you need to be successful? Ask yourself questions about how you work best, what strengths do you have that will ease the transition, what areas will you need support?. Be prepared to address specific issues around health and safety. Also ask, “How can I be innovative in my plans with my supervisor and colleagues?”

Change presents something different, something new. Sometimes managing change can be challenging. The more effective an individual can navigate through transition, the more quickly the new normal will occur. We recognize you or your colleagues may feel resistance or apprehension toward the changes. How can you prepare yourself for this return knowing what you know about yourself?

Your personal physical, mental, and emotional health is important. Finding ways to actively work on your physical, mental and emotional health is important right now. Whether it's at-home workouts, meditation or calm moments, stepping away from everything for even 5 minutes - your health (all of it) is the highest priority. Our phenomenal EAP program has resources available to employees. Did you know you can call them and describe your concerns and they can connect you to the right services?

Please do not try to compensate for lost productivity by working longer hours. We do not measure success by hours worked; keep doing your best. We trust you to do your best work and understand that there are days when your focus may be challenged. Do you best and keep open lines of communication. We can do this.

Please be kind to yourself and resist judging how you are coping based on how you see others coping. You're part of a team of high performers - and likely are having moments or hours or days where you don't feel your best. That's okay - we will all have those times because we are human. Let yourself be human. Please ask for help if you need it. If you and/or your family need more time, please speak with our leaves team to learn what options may be available to you.

Please be kind to others and not judge how they are coping based on how you are coping. Judging or comparing ourselves with others can lead to conflict in a time when our primary goal is to support and come together. We value the diversity of who we are - which means in the midst of a crisis or challenge - we cope differently. If you see someone struggling, go back to - how can I help? Our PSU colleagues might feel a need for "permission" to be human. Please be supportive.

Your success and your team's success will not be measured the same way it was before the pandemic. We are a team of professionals who are brilliant, creative, innovative, and resilient. We have an unprecedented opportunity to create the conditions for success – and that success looks a little different right now - AND you are being successful. Be open to learning something new as we adjust to a new normal. We can be successful together.

We acknowledge the difficulty of making yet another adjustment that may involve some uncertainties. Information will be communicated to help employees as they need it. Things are changing rapidly. We are working extremely hard to keep up with all that is happening and communicate as those changes as they come to us. We want to provide openness to learning about the new normal. We have a renewed commitment to our team, to your role and to the mission of PSU.

Adapted from materials provided by SLCC