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We are months into a global pandemic, struggling under the weight of social injustice and ongoing protests against the wrongs of the world and looking ahead to an academic year — the one shaping your work life and the one impacting your home life — with little to no certainty. All of us who work at Portland State share many of the same struggles, even while our specific challenges may differ.

In an effort to try to make things easier for employees, we’ve assembled this page as a central hub of curated resources. We’ll try to keep it organized and updated with the latest information.

Employee Support Survey Results Summary
● The survey was distributed by email to all employees with a reminder in the Currently
● The survey was active from November 20, 2020 through December 1, 2020
● 987 people responded



Technology Software Guide | A to Z list of offerings from OIT to help support the remote work environment. [OIT]

Home Ergonomics | A working from home guide to ergonomics to help reduce stress on the body while working from home. [EHS]

OIT Help Desk | Get support from PSU's Office of Information Technology. [OIT]

Teaching During COVID-19 | For instructors teaching online, links for remote teaching, planning, and more. [OAI]


Streamlined Telecommuting Guidelines | Use the streamlined telecommuting process linked at the top of this web page to register multiple employees to work remotely at one time. [HR] 

Remote Onboarding Materials | Guidelines and links to materials for onboarding your new employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. [HR]

HR Web Chat | Link to HR's Home Page and the HR online chat toaster in the lower right-hand corner. [HR]

Guide to Working Remote | OIT's guide for managing the technology resources available to PSU employees who are working remotely. [OIT]

COVID-19 Remote Work Resources | A guide with links to learning how to manage the virtual work world from a human-centric perspective. [HR]

Managing Remote Teams by Claire Lew | External resource guide for managing your team remotely. [Claire Lew]


PSU’s Return to Campus Plans | Details and information for a Flexible Fall at PSU. [PSU]

ADA Accommodation Process | Learn about accommodations and ways to create an inclusive work environment. [HR]

PSU Injury/Illness Form/SAIF Form | Link to a SSO page. Use this form to report all work-related illnesses and injuries. [HR]

COVID-19 Testing at SHAC | Discover how you can get tested if you think you may have been exposed to COVID-19. [SHAC]

COVID-19 Reporting Form | Find the link at the top of the page and use this form to report if you have been diagnosed with or exposed to COVID-19. [SHAC]


Clarified Sick Leave Policy | Clarification of PSU's Sick Leave as it applies to the Coronavirus pandemic [HR]

FFCRA Emergency Paid Sick Leave (EPSL) | PSU FFCRA web page explaining new sick leave benefits included in the Act. [HR]

COVID-19 Related Leave Resources | Shared document outlining available leave options for PSU employees affected by Coronavirus [HR]

Mental Health Screening & Resources | Cascade EAP Whole Life Directions mental health screening and personalized treatment tool. [EAP]

Mental Health Resources |Scroll down this page to find resources to help with stress and anxiety. [SHAC]

Mindfulness Training |Web page for the Virtual Mind Spa provided by Student Health and Counseling at PSU with resources for total wellness. [SHAC]

At Home Fitness Resources | Virtual resources for staying active and healthy while at home as well as plans for reopening 9/23/20. [Campus Recreation]

Vacation Leave Cap Increased | Explanation of the temporary vacation cap increase in place through May 31, 2021. [HR]

Cascade Centers EAP | Member Website for employees, explore benefits and tools. [EAP]


Helen Gordon Center | Provides early childhood, full-day preschool. [HGC]

Community Counseling Clinic | Resource for family, relationship, and individual counseling services provided by PSU practicum students including services for adolescents and children. [COE]

Getting Ready for School, Pandemic and All | Ideas from experts about schooling options for students of all abilities. [Jillian Daley]

FFCRA Extended FMLA (EFMLA) | PSU FFCRA web page explaining new family benefits included in the Act. [HR]

FFCRA Emergency Paid Sick Leave (EPSL) | PSU FFCRA web page explaining new sick leave benefits included in the Act. [HR]

Work Life Balance Resources | PSU Work Life Balance page contains numerous resources for balancing personal and professional life. [HR]

Non-PSU Childcare Resources | Cascade EAP downloadable Childcare Services guide, with links to resources for kid-friendly activities, childcare and educational tools.[EAP]


Changes to Retirement (TDI & ORP) to increase flexibility | External resource explaining provisions to OPURP, ORP, and TDI plans in the CARES Act. [OPURP]

Pay Advance Program | Link to the PSU Payroll Advance form. Be sure to download before filling out. [HR]

PSU Work Share Program | Web page providing information, links, and forms for employees enrolled in the OED Work Share Program. [HR]