Proxy Setup

Proxy Setup

(Note: These instruction refer to setting up a proxy in the EPAF system. Please refer to the web time entry proxy guide to setup timesheet proxies or the OAR guide to setup proxies for systems access or affiliate accounts.)

As an Approver you can assign proxies to approve on your behalf.  To add proxies in Banweb go into the  Employee Services Menu and select 'Proxy Setup'.


In this screen you can view your current proxies. You can add proxies depending on the levels that you're able to approve for.

Adding a Proxy

To add a proxy, go to the drop-down menu and search for the employee you want to designate as a proxy. You can search by name or their ODIN username. On the right hand side select the level that your proxy should approve on your behalf and click 'Save'.

You will see all the proxies available after you save, you should see what levels they can proxy for.

Removing Proxies

To remove a proxy select their name and click on the Remove box and click on 'Save'. This will automatically remove the proxy you have selected.



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