Originator Summary

Originator Summary

The EPAF Originator Summary displays only those transactions that you have originated that are still waiting to be approved or applied. This page contains two tabs: Current and History.

screen shot of the EPAF originator summary page


Current Tab

The Current tab shows two types of EPAFs: Waiting and Return for Correction.


  • Waiting – If an EPAF has been created and saved but not submitted, it remains in the Waiting status. You can submit the EPAF later by clicking on the EPAF and submitting.
  • Returned for Correction - If an EPAF contains an error or incorrect data, the Approver can return it for correction.   To view a returned EPAF, click on the employee’s name.  The Originator will be given three options: Delete, Void or Update.
  • Click on “Delete” to delete the EPAF before it is submitted.
  • Click “Void” if you would like to delete the EPAF after it has been submitted.
  • Click “Update” to make changes to the EPAF.

NOTE:  Only the Originator can make changes to the EPAF.  If changes are made, the Originator must send and submit the EPAF for re-approval at all levels.

History Tab

All EPAFs created by the Originator are stored in the History tab.  To check on the status of an EPAF, click on the History tab and view the status under “Transaction Status”.

Sorting EPAF Transactions

The Approver and Originator Summary menu gives you the ability to sort by fields. You can sort by Name, ID, Transaction, Type of Change, Submitted Date and Effective date. Select the field you want to sort by clicking on the double yellow arrows.

Transaction Statuses

  • Pending – EPAF is pending approval
  • Complete – EPAF has been completed and applied to the employee’s record
  • Returned – EPAF has been returned for correction
  • Voided – EPAF was voided
  • Overridden – EPAF was overridden and approved at the HR level
  • Removed from Queue – EPAF has been returned to the Originator for correction, thus is removed from the Approval Queue

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