Open Enrollment 2019

Open Enrollment

All Open Enrollment Corrections are due by February 29, 2020

  • Plan Corrections
  • Dependent Corrections
  • Tobacco Surcharge
  • Other Coverage Surcharge

Open Enrollment Correction Form

Flexible Spending Corrections are due by December 20, 2020

Corrections to flexible spending can only be made by employees that elected to participate during Open Enrollment.

Open Flexible Spending Enrollment Correction Form

Verify that you have completed your HEM

  1. Certificates must be dated September 1, 2019- October 31, 2019
  2. View your December paycheck for $17.50 HEM incentive
  3. View your PEBB summer page for HEM participation

If you have completed all of the steps and do not see the $17.50 on your paystub then submit your certification to PEBB by 02/29/2020

You can make change throughout the year if you have a qualifying event

  • View qualifying midyear events here.

There are some benefits that you can change throughout the year without a qualifying event