My Personal Information

My Personal Information

There are various methods of finding, changing and keeping track of your personal and employment information. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you get through the process:

How do I change my address and phone number with PSU?

There are two places that you must change your information to complete this process:

  • Change your personal information in Banweb which will allow us to make sure items such as your payroll and tax information are correct.
  • Go to PEBB Benefits and log in to change your personal information.

How do I update my name?

You can update your name by visiting the Office of Human Resources. Please bring your new Social Security Card (Please Note: IRS regulation and the Federal Employers Handbook of 1998, requires that every employee’s payroll name must exactly match their Social Security card to prevent misdirected social security funds.) To verify this, HR must see your original Social Security card and make a copy for your file.

How do I find out how much vacation and sick leave I have?

You can check these balances through Banweb, explained below. The leave information is located under the Employee section.

What is Banweb and what can I use it for?

Banweb has comprehensive information including the following:

  • Personal Information - here you can add yourself to the online directory, change your PIN and security questions as well as updating your address, phone number and emergency contact. Note: See "How do I change my address and phone number with PSU?" above to make sure you change your personal information in all areas.
  • Employee - here you can view your paystubs, benefits, leave balances or job data, W2 and T4 forms, create your time sheets, request time off and make changes to W4 data. You can also get an employee parking permit and renew your locker in the Peter Stott Center.
  • Student Services & Financial Aid - this is for PSU students so you may not have this category unless you are taking classes. Here you can register for classes, view your academic and financial aid records, order an official transcript, etc.

The Guide to PSU Computer Accounts will help you understand how to log on and get assistance for this and other University computer systems.

What do I need to do to make changes to my benefits due to an event changing my work or family circumstances (such as birth or adoption of a child, change in legal or marital status, move to full-time employment, etc.)?

PEBB's Mid Year Plan Change Matrix outlines the qualified reasons that will allow you to make certain benefit changes. You will need to fill out a paper Update form (scroll down on the Forms page) and submit it to PSU HR within the deadlines noted on the relevant form.