How To Update Labor Distribution

How To Update Labor Distribution

Changing Labor Distribution Information to a job is now available through Banweb.

Login to Banweb (self-service) enter your employee information using your ODIN username and password.

screen shot of logging into Banweb

Under Employee Services tab select 'New EPAF' to initiate a Personnel Action.

screen shot of selecting new EPAF

Employee Selection

Enter the employee’s PSU ID into the ID field.  If you do not know their ID number, you can search for it by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

screen shot of entering ID and/or how to search for an ID

Effective Date 

The effective date is the date this transaction is effective (for example: the first day of work must be used for a student hire date). This date field will default to today’s date and YOU MUST update it to reflect the actual action’s effective date.

Approval Category

Select the Approval Category that is appropriate for the transaction you are initiating.  Select the job that needs to have a Labor Distribution Change. Only jobs that are active can have a labor distribution change. Click “Go”.

screen shot of selecting the approval category

New EPAF Job Selection

On this page you can select the job that needs to have a labor distribution change. You will see a history of the employee's jobs.

screen shot if selecting the job that needs the labor distribution change

Labor Distribution Change

After you've selected the job that needs to have a labor distribution change you will see the current position's labor distribution information. The "Labor Distribution in effect as of entered effective date" is the most current effective date for this position number. You can see how the position's expense is currently distributed.

screen shot of most current effective date


Under New Effective Date you should see that the date populated in this field matches the date you selected to initiate the labor distribution change. 

screen shot of effect of changing the date

Updating the Distribution

When updating the labor distribution index the system will blank out the FOAPAL string with the exception of the Account Code. To properly populate the rest of the FOAPAL string you must click on "click to default from index".

screen shot of FOPAL screen

After clicking on "Default From Index" you should now see the FOAPAL string populated.

screen shot of FOPAL screen once populated

Routing Queue

The EPAFs have pre-defined routing levels. You have to designate someone to approve this transaction for each level. You can also add Approvals on the fly for additional approvals or FYIs.  Additionally you can also Default Your Routing Queue if you know a particular Personnel Action will always go through the same levels.

screen shot of routing queue with approvers listed

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