How to Terminate a Student Hourly Job

How to Terminate a Student Hourly Job

On the EPAF Menu, select New EPAF



Enter the employee’s PSU ID into the ID field. If you do not know their ID number, you can search for it by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.


Effective Date

The effective date is the date this transaction is effective (for example: the last day of work). This date field will default to today’s date and YOU MUST update it to reflect the actual action’s effective date.


Approval Category

Select “Employee Job Termination” and click “Go.”


New EPAF Job Selection

This screen shows you a list of all positions the employee has held at PSU. It will also indicate whether they are still active or not.

Select the position number of the job that you are terminating and click “Go.”


Completing the EPAF

Enter the effective date of the termination (last day worked) if different than what you entered on the previous screen. Please note that this must be after the Last Paid Date.


Routing Queue

This step will determine who will approve the termination. Each EPAF has a pre-established set of approval levels assigned to the action. The Originator must select the appropriate individuals for each level. If you have set up a default routing queue through the main EPAF menu, the users and levels you selected will auto-populate into the Routing Queue’s fields.

All Approval levels listed on the EPAF must have a User Name field populated. Click on the magnifying glass to select from the list of names associated with each level. Do not add any other Approval Levels.

To route an EPAF for on-line approvals, click “Save” and then “Submit”. Once you have submitted your transaction without errors you will receive the following message: “The EPAF is now pending approvals”.

The Dept. Admin will now need to go into their Approver Summary to approve the EPAF.

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