How to Hire an Hourly Student

How to Hire an Hourly Student


On the EPAF menu, select "New EPAF."


Employee Selection

Enter the employee’s PSU ID into the ID field. If you do not know their ID number, you can search for it by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.


Effective Date

The effective date is the date this transaction is effective (for example: the first day of work must be used for a student hire date). This date field will default to today’s date and YOU MUST update it to reflect the actual action’s effective date.


Approval Category

Select the Approval Category that is appropriate for the transaction you are initiating. Click “Go”.


New EPAF Job Selection

This screen will show you a list of all positions the employee has held at PSU. It will also indicate whether they are still active or not.

  • If you are re-hiring the employee for a position listed on this screen, select the position number and click “Go”.
  • If this is a new position for the employee, as indicated by the position number not being listed, input the position number and suffix (00) into the Position and Suffix fields and click “Go”.
  • If you do not know the position number, you can search for it by clicking on the magnifying glass icon. This will redirect you to the “New Position Selection” page.

Once you have selected your search criteria, click “Go”. A list of available positions to choose from will be displayed. Click on the appropriate position number link. This will take you back to the New EPAF Job Selection page. Click “Go”.


Completing the EPAF

The next screen will allow you a final opportunity to change the effective date if needed. It will also ask you to determine whether the contract type is “Primary” or “Secondary”. The position will only be Primary if the employee has no other active positions on campus. Note that many of the data fields are not enterable.

If the employee has already held the position before, there will be a “current value” listed. You must change the “New Value” to match the current value. For example:     

  • Work study EPAFs require an end date of June 15th (default) or earlier. If you would like to terminate the job before June 15th, refer to the How to Terminate the Hourly Job page.


Overriding the Default Labor Distribution

The EPAF system now allows you to override the default labor distribution at point of hire for student jobs. The position will automatically pull in the department’s default index code, or in the case of rehiring on the same position number, the last index code used on their job record. To override the index code, click on the index code listed and overwrite it with the correct index. If you need to add multiple index codes, click “Save and Add New Rows”. Once you have added all additional index codes, click “Default from Index”. Be sure that you have added the correct COA code to the left of the index code first, otherwise an error will occur.

Take note of the “Account” code before you “Default from Index” - you will need to re-enter it.

For student employee job records the account codes will always be:

  • 10501 for regular students, and
  • 10503 for work-study students.

Be sure that the sum of labor distribution percentages equal 100%.


Routing Queue

This step will determine who will approve the EPAF transaction. Each EPAF has a pre-established set of approval levels assigned to the action. The Originator must select the appropriate individuals for each level, as well as their required actions. If you have set up a default routing queue through the main EPAF menu, the users and levels you selected will auto-populate into the Routing Queue’s fields.

All approval levels automatically listed on the EPAF must have a User Name field populated. Click on the magnifying glass to select from the list of names associated with each level. Only add additional approval levels when absolutely necessary.

Be sure to select a Required Action for each User Name. If you need to share an EPAF with someone without requiring an action on their part, include that person in the routing queue and choose "FYI" as the Required Action.

If you would like this Routing Queue information to default in next time, you may want to set up a Default Routing Queue.

To route an EPAF for online approvals, click “Save” and then “Submit”. Once you have submitted your transaction without errors you will receive the following message: “The EPAF is now pending approvals”.

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