How to Hire Graduate Administrative Assistant

How to Hire Graduate Administrative Assistant


  • An EPAF is an Electronic Personnel Action Form; an online form, originated by a department to submit employment data changes. EPAFs replace paper forms in the processes such as hiring a Graduate Assistant, updating job labor distribution, replaces some letters of offer, and more.
  • Each EPAF action has pre-assigned levels approval levels, which represent electronic signatures approving the transaction.

EPAF Users Types

There are three different types of EPAF users:

  • Originators - users who begin an EPAF action
  • Approvers - users who must approve an EPAF action
  • Proxies - users who are designated by an Approver with specific authority to approve actions on the Approver's behalf

To access the EPAF:

1) Log into the PSU Information System (

2) Next choose the "Employee Services" tab

3) From the "Employee Services" tab, select "EPAF: Electronic Personnel Action Form."

4) Select "New EPAF"

5) To create the Graduate Assistant EPAF:

  • Enter the student ID #
  • Select: Graduate Administrative Assistant Hourly from the Approval Category drop down menu
  • Click "GO"

6) Enter the position number and the suffix 00

7) Click "Go"

Note: If re-hiring, you'll see the position number listed. You will still need to enter the position number and suffix in the open field, as shown below.

8) Enter the first date of employment and hourly rate