How to Hire a 9-month Graduate Assistant

How to Hire a 9-month Graduate Assistant


screenshot image choosing a new EPAF

Enter the Student ID #

Select: Graduate Assistant from the Approval Category drop down menu

Effective date can remain the default date

Click Go

screen shot of EPAF person selection

Enter the position number and suffix 00

Click Go

Note:  If re-hiring, you'll see the position number listed.  You will still need to enter the position number and the suffix in the open field, as shown below.

screen shot of position entry

From the drop down menu, select the start date of the term

screen shot of selecting start date of the term

Enter the contract amount that will be paid to the Graduate Assistant

screen shot of entering contract amount

From the drop down menu select Primary Job or Secondary Job. If they have no other current jobs, this should be Primary.

screen shot of selecting primary or secondary job

Enter the appointment FTE; all appointments must add up to .30 - .49 FTE

screen shot of appointment entry

Enter the amount of tuition remission (must be equal to the resident graduate base tuition rate for up to 9 credits in any term, not including summer)


screen shot of entering tuition remission

Scroll down to the Labor Distribution section.

Verify default index code information is correct.  If not, follow directions below to make changes to the index code or add additional index codes. Once you have added all additional index codes, click “Default from Index”. Be sure that you have added the correct COA code to the left of the index code first, otherwise an error will occur.

screen shot of entering labor distribution

Scroll down to the Termination Record section.

From the drop down menu, select the Termination Date.  This is the last day of the term in which the Graduate Assistant will work.

screen shot of entering termination record for last day of the term

The Routing Queue has six Approval Levels.  Select the approver names by clicking on the magnifying glass.  Note:  The Graduate Assistant name will be on line 4.  They will receive an electronic offer through their Banweb account that they will need to approve.  *Grant-funded EPAFs will have two additional levels: DRA and PI*

screen shot of approver selection

Enter the amount of fees paid and any other additional benefits in this field.  It is required to, at the minimum, post the amount of student fees paid.

screen shot of entering additional benefits

Add comments if needed.  Carefully review the EPAF for accuracy, then select Save and then Submit.

screen shot of adding comments

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