How to Create a Summer Wage Agreement EPAF

Select "New EPAF" from the Electronic Personnel Action Form menu in the Employee Services tab of Banweb (

Image of a user selecting the "New EPAF" link in the Electronic Personnel Action Form menu in Employee Services

Enter the employee ID #

Select the appropriate summer appointment type from the "Approval Category" drop down menu

Effective date can remain the default date

Click "Go"

Image of a user entering the ID number and selecting the summer wage agreement type before clicking "Go."

Enter the position number and suffix "S0"

Click "Go"

Note: If re-hiring, you'll see the position number listed. You will still need to enter the position number and the suffix in the open field as shown below.

Image of a user entering the position number and suffix S0 to hire an employee into a summer position.

Enter the start date in the personnel date field. Then enter total contract amount (or hourly rate for an hourly contract).

Image of a user entering the Personnel Date and Contract Amount.

Leave contract type as "Secondary," unless they're a new employee.

Enter total hours they will be working for the duration of the contract.

Enter number of credit hours (instructional only).

Image of a user entering the total hours and credit hours. Credit hours should be entered for instructional appointments only.

Scroll down to the Labor Distribution section.

Verify default index code information is correct. If not, follow directions below to make changes to the index code or add additional index codes. Once you have added all additional index codes, click "Default from Index." Be sure that you have added the correct COA code ("D") to the left of the index code first, otherwise an error will occur.

Image of a user entering labor distribution information. Labor distributions must equal 100%. If you need to change the index code, delete the incorrect index code and press tab to delete the entire row, then enter a new index code and press enter.

Scroll down to the "Termination Record" section.

Enter the Termination Date in the "Personnel Date" field. This is the employee's last day of work.

Image of a user entering the employee's last day in the "Personnel Date" field in the Termination Record section.

The Routing Queue has five Approval Levels. Select the approver names by clicking on the magnifying glass or entering their Odin account name. Note: The employee's name will be on line 3 ("Employee Acceptance"). They will receive an electronic offer through their Banweb account that they will need to approve. Fiscal Officer can be added as an approval level at the bottom, if necessary, will will occur after the "Chair/Equivalent" level.

Image of a user entering users into the routing queue. Users can be added using the magnifying glass icon or entering their Odin username. If adding a line for Fiscal Officer, set required action to "Approve."

Enter courses and/or description of duties in the designated comments box.

Image of a user entering comments into the "Class Assignment/Summary of Duties" text box.

Click Save, then Submit.

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