How To Approve Labor Distribution Changes

How To Approve Labor Distribution Changes

Approving an Electronic Personnel Action

Once an EPAF has been successfully submitted, the levels assigned to that EPAF have to approve first in order for the transaction to be successfully applied.

As an approver you can select "Approver Summary" menu to view the EPAFs that are awaiting approval.

screen shot showing selection of EPAF approver summary link in banweb


If you are acting as a proxy " click on "Act as a proxy". You only see this menu if an approver has added you as a proxy.

screen shot of selecting to act as a proxy

On this page you can see who you can proxy for by clicking on the drop down menu under "Proxy For". Select the proxy that you want to approve for and click 'Go'.

screen shot of accessing the list of people for whom you can act as a proxy

EPAF Approver Summary Menu

This screen will show you all the pending ePAFs waiting to be approved by an approver or a proxy. Click on a specific Employee's name to approve the Labor Distribution Change.

screen shot of EPAFs waiting to be approved

Reviewing Labor Distribution Changes

When you open the EPAF you should see the current changes along with the new changes that need your approval. Review the changes that require your approval.

screen shot of viewing labor distribution changes

Approving Labor Distribution Changes

Once you have verified the changes you can approve them on that same screen by clicking on 'Approve'

screen shot of verifying screen for approving labor distribution changes

Routing Queue

Once you approve the Labor Distribution EPAF it moves to the next approval level. You can see who has approved the EPAF and where it is in the process.

screen shot of next queue and status of labor distribution changes


To verify that a Labor Distribution EPAF change has been completed, go into the 'Approver Summary' and select the "History Tab". The Approved Queue Status shows you all the completed EPAFs.

screen shot of verifying completion of labor distribution changes

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