How to Accept a Summer Wage Agreement

Once you have received an email stating that you have a position to accept, you will need to:

  • Go to your employee Banweb account, which can be found at
  • Select the Employee Services tab, then click on EPAF: Electronic Personnel Action Form
Image of a user selecting the "Employee Services" menu and "EPAF: Electronic Personnel Action Form" link.

At the Employee Services tab, click on EPAF Approver Summary

Image of user selecting the "EPAF Approver Summary" link from the Electronic Personnel Action Form menu.

A pop-up screen will appear for you to accept the terms of appointment.

  • Click on the blue link to view the terms of appointment
  • Accept or Decline
  • Continue
Image of the pop-up screen that will appear asking the employee to accept or decline the terms of appointment.

Once you have accepted the terms of appointment, the following screen will appear in order for you to view the details of the appointment being offered to you.

Image of the approver summary with the user selecting their appointment.


To review the terms of the contract and approve:

Image of the EPAF, where the employee can review their appointment and Approve or Disapprove the appointment.

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