Default Routing Queue

Default Routing Queue

This feature allows you to set up a default routing queue specific to the EPAFs you routinely originate so that you don’t need to select Approvers each time you originate the EPAF. You can establish a default routing queue specific to each type of EPAF you routinely originate.


Select the Approval Category for which you would like to save the routing queue and then click “Go”. Please note that you can only save one default per approval category.


Select the appropriate person for each approval level by clicking the magnifying glass.

Choose an action for each person in the routing queue. Actions include "Approve" (sends the EPAF to the next level), "Apply" (applies the EPAF to Banner), or "FYI" (includes a person in the routing queue for their information only).

Click “Save and Add New Rows.” Now every time you originate an EPAF for that Approval Category, your routing queue will be automatically populated for you.

Changing a User Name in the Default Routing Queue

Go back into the Default Routing Queue and select the Approval Category you would like to update and click “Go”.

Click on the magnifying glass for the Approval Level you would like to change, select the correct person, and then “Save and Add New Rows”.

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