Communication & Problem Solving

We understand that conflicts are a normal part of working together and that issues may arise between you and your peers or you and your manager. At PSU one of our Values is to foster a climate of mutual respect that supports diversity, different beliefs and points of view and the open exchange of ideas. In circumstances where conflicts arise, this value combined with PSU's Professional Standards of Conduct Policy provide guidance on how to problem-solve with others. While it is important to keep an open line of communication with your supervisor, if the concern relates to them and you feel uncomfortable speaking with them, there are other resources to help. If your concerns are due to unlawful harassment or discrimination this is expressly prohibited under our Professional Standards of Conduct Policy and Sexual Harassment Policy. Refer to the Policies & Contracts section of this site for the full list of PSU policies.

The staff in the Office of Human Resources are here to help you solve problems and work out the best way to assist with communications with both your supervisor and fellow employees. Below are some links to lead you to the specific resource you need: