Common Errors & Warnings for Labor Distribution Changes

Common Errors & Warnings for Labor Distribution Changes

Once you submit the EPAF, if there are any issues within the EPAF, the screen will show error messages depending on the action that needs to be corrected

Errors and Warnings

  • Warning – Warnings simply deliver information to the user, but will still allow the EPAF to process successfully.
  • Error – Error messages will not allow the EPAF to progress to the approval levels. Errors must be corrected.


screen shot for date and index code errors

Error: New Job Labor Distribution Date should be >/= query effective date

Solution: This error means that your query date (change effective date) is in the past. Change the query date (change effective date) to a future date, usually the 16th for an hourly appointment change or the 1st for a monthly appointment change.


Error: Index XXXXXX does not allow override of Fund, Organization, Program, etc.

Solution: This error means that you may have entered an override to an element in the labor distribution that is not compatible with the Index. Re-enter the Index and click on “Default from Index” to correct the element.

screen shot of warning to verify account code, user ID for routing error, and labor distribution percentage errors

Warning: Account code has been assigned a default value. Please verify the default account code before submitting.

Solution: After you make a labor distribution change the system generates this notice for you to double check the account code before submitting.


Error: User Id(s) must be entered for Routing Queue.

Solution: You must populate the mandatory routing queue levels.


Error: Job Labor Distribution Total Percentages must be exactly 100%.

Solution: The total distribution has to match 100%.

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