Approvals & FYIs on the fly

Approvals & FYI Notifications on the fly

Approvals & FYI Notifications on the Fly

EPAFs have pre-defined approval levels for each action. You can add additional approvals to a particular Personnel Action you initiate. Adding an additional Approval level will require the EPAF to go through all of the approvals.

FYIs allow for a person to get a notice as a courtesy that a particular Personnel Action was initiated. There is no required action for the FYI level.

Adding Approvals or FYI Notifications

You can add additional Approvals and or FYIs two ways. If you know a particular EPAF will always have the same approval level you can setup your default routing queue so that it populates automatically every time you initiate that particular action. Refer to our Default Routing Queue for instructions.

You can also add additional levels on the EPAF itself by going into the 'Routing Queue'. At the bottom of the Personnel Action Form you will see the routing queue with pre-defined levels for you to populate. After the required levels have been populated you can add additional levels or FYIs by selecting the drop-down menu on the right hand side and selecting to either Approve or FYI.

The levels to choose from are:

  • 24 - Principal Investigators
  • 40 - Chairs
  • 50 - Deans, Directors AVPs

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