Advisory Committees

Advisory Committees

Academic Professional Advisory Committee (APAC)

  • Phil Lesch:  Executive Director of AAUP
  • Anh Ly:  Academic Professional - AAUP
  • Karen Popp:  Academic Professional - AAUP
  • Courtney Bailey:  Academic Professional - AAUP
  • Julia Getchel, Director of Academic Employee and Labor Relations, Academic Affairs
  • Chris Skinner: Director of Admissions Operations, EMSA
  • Nicholas Running:  Exec Asst to the Chief of Staff and Vice Pres for Public Affairs, President's Office
  • Randi Harris:  Special Assistant to the Vice Provost for Academic Innovation and Student Success

Unclassified Unrepresented Advisory Committee (UUAC)

  • Alan Kolibaba: Assistant Vice President for Research, Research & Strategic Partnerships
  • Dan Zalkow: Associate VP for Planning, Construction & Real Estate
  • Jean Cavanaugh: Assistant Dean for Finance and Admin, Engineering and Computer Science
  • Ron Witczak: Executive Director, International Affairs

Project Team - Human Resources

  • Terrill Bartee: Class/Comp Manager (Project Chair)
  • Adis Sehovic: Senior Compensation Analyst
  • Cedar Rupp: Senior Employee & Labor Relations Specialist