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Work/Life Policy

August 10, 2001

To: Faculty and Staff
From: Daniel O. Bernstine, President
Re: Work/Life Policy

Based on recommendations from the Executive Committee and consistent with continuing improvements in campus climate, the University has recently adopted the following work/life policy.

Purpose. The purpose of this policy is to provide direction for the University's commitment to support employees in both their work and personal lives. This policy is intended as a guide for the revision, promulgation, and administration of related human resources policies and as encouragement and support for consideration and, where possible, accommodation of the needs of employees.

Policy. Portland State University is committed to creating a workplace environment that supports its community members in balancing their professional and personal lives. Embodied within this commitment is the understanding of the connection and interdependence between the workplace and family and personal lives; success and satisfaction in one setting may contribute to success and satisfaction in the other setting.

Implementation. In order to promote the balance of work and personal life for Portland State University employees, the University intends to

  • Develop and maintain human resources policies which embrace the values of balance between work and family,
  • Promote programs and services which focus on the support of University employees in both their personal and professional lives,
  • Promote understanding of work/life issues among managers in the context of the lives of their employees supervised,
  • Promote an institutional culture which promotes work/life balance and acknowledges the interdependence of personal and professional lives, and
  • Conduct research to enable the University to better understand and, thereby, serve the needs of its faculty and staff.

In the initial year of implementation, the Office of Human Resources will be responsible for supporting and facilitating the implementation of this policy. Further, I will appoint a work/life advisory committee composed of representatives of faculty, staff, students, and administration to review the policy and implementation issues, to develop an initial plan for the review of current policies, and to identify research, training, and development needs.