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Updating Default Labor Distribution

The EPAF system now allows you to override the default labor distribution.  The position will automatically pull in the department’s default index code, or in the case of rehiring on the same position number, the last index code used on their job record.  To override the index code, click on the index code listed and overwrite it with the correct index.  If you need to add multiple index codes, click “Save and Add New Rows”. Once you have added all additional index codes, click “Default from Index”. Be sure that you have added the correct COA code to the left of the index code first, otherwise an error will occur.

Take note of the “Account” code before you “Default from Index” - you will need to re-enter it.

For student employee job records the account codes will always be:

  • 10501 for regular students, and
  • 10503 for work-study students.

Be sure that the sum of labor distribution percentages equal 100%.

Grant Labor Distributions

When a position is funded by a grant, approvers called Principal Investigators (P.I.s) are required in the routing queue. There can be up to 3 P.I.s on a labor distribution change.


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