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Student Employment Survey
Student Employment Survey

Student Employment Infographic; description text below.

A total of 2284 students work on campus at PSU. Of these students, 520 completed the 2013 Student Employment Survey in June of 2013. This infographic explores the quantitative and qualitative data from the survey.

As of May 29, 2013, 2284 students fill 2641 jobs.

Departments with the most student employees:
  1. Campus Rec
  2. OIT
  3. Library
  4. Helen Gordon Child & Development Center.

61% of students think Career Connect is the best way to find out about on campus employment. 23% of students think the best way is work of mouth.

Primary reasons students seek on-campus jobs:
  • 41%: To earn money
  • 24%: gives the flexibility needed
  • 21%: to get work experience
  • 9%: Other
  • 4%: To get a professional reference
  • 1%: to meet people.

Who are PSU’s student employees?

Gender: All of PSU: 46% Male, 53% female; All Student Employees: 46% male, 54% female; Survey Respondents: 38% male, 62% female.
Race/Ethnicity: *respondents could choose multiple ethnicities. All of PSU: 65% white, 9% Hispanic/Latino, 1% American Indian/Alaskan Native, 8% Asian, 3% Black, 1% Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander, 6% International Students; All Student Employees: 69% white, 10% Hispanic/latino, 4% American indian/Alaskan Native, 13% Asian, 7%Black, 3% Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander, 7% international students; Survey Respondents: 69% white, 10% Hispanic/latino, 4% American indian/Alaskan native, 13% Asian, 7% Black, 2% Hawaiin/Other pacific Islander, 8% international student.
Level: *post-bac and non-admit numbers were excluded. All of PSU: 5% freshman, 8% sophomore, 18% junior, 34% senior, 20% graduate; All Student Employees: 3% freshman, 8% sophomore, 16% junior, 56% senior, 21% graduate; Survey Respondents: 2% freshman, 7% sophomore, 17% junior, 60% senior, 22% graduate.
Top 4 countries of origin for all international students: 1) Saudi Arabia 2) China 3) India 4) Japan.
Top 4 countries of origin for international students employees: 1) India 2)Vietnam 3) China 4) Saudi Arabia.

Average age of undergraduate student employees: 25. Average age of graduate student employees: 29.

Undergraduate student employees have an average GPA of 3.25, .39 points higher than PSU’s average student. Graduate student employees have an average GPA of 3.56, .09 points higher than PSU’s average student.

Student development though on-campus employment

78% of students said that working on campus furthered their career goals.
85% of students said that working on campus will make them more employable upon graduation.
52% of students said working on campus influenced their decision to stay at PSU.

61% of students classify their position as entry level.

14% of students wanted more training on essential job functions.
96% of students would recommend working on campus to their peers.


Students ranked a number of skills developed though on campus employment

Top skills: 1) Problem solving 2) organizational skill 3) initiative 4) oral communication 5) relationship building;

Bottom skills: 23) supervisory skills 24) sustainability 25) financial management 26) resume writing 27) cover letter writing.


Student reported on particular skills gained due to working in diverse environment

Tolerance: n=184, Acceptance of differences n=22, Knowledge of cultures n=252, understanding n=297, communication n=316, opportunities to interact n=355.

Formal Evalutions: 174 students had a formal evaluation, 86% of those students who had a formal evaluation found it useful. 346 students did not have a formal evaluation, 59% of those students who did not have a formal evaluation thought it would be useful.

Average supervisor rating: A-. Students who rated their supervisor at between a D and F were less likely to recommend working on campus to peers, less likely to feel they developed skills, and less likely to feel adequately trained for their position.

Number of students who believed their on-campus position complemented their academic coursework=318.

Number of students who believed their on-campus position did NOT complement their academic coursework=202. Students who believed their on campus position did not complement their academic coursework in some way reported lower supervisor ratings and lower acquisition of personal and career skills.

Qualitative comments

At the end of the survey, students were prompted: “Please give us any additional feedback or comments regarding your on-campus student employment experience at PSU.” The following graphs show common themes and explore actual comments from those themes.

61% of students said something position about their experience working on campus.

Campus connection

100% positive, 15% of overall responses, sample quote: “Working on campus is probably the best way to get connected with students and staff. . .the people that work on campus have the most school spirit.”


90% positive, 10% of overall responses, sample quote: “It’s great to work while in school. The hours are very flexible and the people are very understanding.

Growth & Development

71% positive, 23% of overall comments, sample quotes: “I wish my department had more opportunities to progress or learn more skills,” and “I am very grateful that PSU provided an opportunity for me to gain work experience that has helped me do well with jobs outside of campus."

Management styles

49% positive, 29% of overall responses, sample quotes: “The supervisor created a relaxed, friendly, and productive environment and taught me skills needed during my project work while cultivating friendship,” and “I would like to see some more employment evaluations. I view that if we had them, they could highlight areas that I could do better.”

Policy and Pay

20% positive, 17% of overall responses, sample quote, “I wish it would be possible to get paid every two weeks instead of once a month.”