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Meet Nina De Lange
Meet Nina De Lange

Nina De Lange is the Sr. HR Analyst for Human Resources.  In that capacity, she is responsible for helping align technology and business processes to optimize efficiency, accuracy and ease of use.  She is particularly interested in using Banner and Cognos reporting to help support analytics and data-based decision making.  In addition, she is responsible for providing HR data to IPEDS, and in support of PSU’s Affirmative Action and Diversity initiatives.  

Prior to PSU, Nina worked at Intel Corporation, Arizona State University, and as a statistical consultant.  She attended Arizona State University and the University of Washington, and holds a PhD in Cognitive/Experimental Psychology.  When not at work, she enjoys playing piano and has been an amateur accompanist for many years.

Contact Nina De Lange

Phone: (503) 725-9803
Office: MCB Suite 518