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Meet Nathan Klinkhammer
Meet Nathan Klinkhammer

Nathan Klinkhammer is the Director of Payroll and Benefits for Portland State University, working with the Payroll, Accounting, and Benefits & Leaves teams. In this role, he oversees the staff who manage (among other things) benefits, retirement, FMLA/OFLA, and worker’s compensation, as well as the experts who ensure that each month ends with paychecks for PSU faculty and staff.  

Prior to his work at PSU, Nathan worked in the public and private sectors, most recently administering the retirement plans for the Oregon University System. Much of his career has been focused on translating regulatory and institutional policy into smooth customer-facing experiences and implementing business analytics to synthesize large data sets into relevant metrics used to drive organizational change.

Nathan attended Lafayette College in Pennsylvania where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology and English. Those analytical and communication skills served him well in the next decades spent working in finance and human resources. Along the way, he also earned his master’s in Management at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.