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Meet Christina Kraus
Meet Christina Kraus

Christina Kraus has worked at PSU in Human Resources since 2008. Her role as Director for HR, Employment Services is to oversee the employment and onboarding functions of HR including the HR partner program, recruitment and selection, and front desk/reception.  Prior to PSU, she served 10 years in the US Navy, where she spent her last four years as a recruiter and recruiter-in-charge, mentoring and training junior recruiters and recruits while managing the recruiting office in Troutdale.  She also has experience working as a recruiter in the private sector.

Christina earned a BS from Excelsior College and an MBA from George Fox University.  She is certified as a Senior Human Resources Professional.  In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, traveling, and attempting crafty things.

Contact Christina Kraus

Phone: (503) 725-9838
Office: MCB Suite 518