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To participate in the PSU benefits package, opt out or decline coverage, employees must make enrollment decisions within certain time frames depending on whether you are newly hired; making a qualified status change (QSC) or making an Open Enrollment election. If you retire officially and lose your active benefit coverage, you may have access to a retiree plan, and if you become ineligible for benefits, you may continue coverage under COBRA.

There are specific criteria and procedures for enrolling and/or making changes to your medical, dental, life, disability, and/or flexible spending accounts. These are discussed on the PEBB website. The following links will help guide you to the pages discussing enrollment and/or changes to benefits:

Am I Eligible for PEBB Benefits?

How Can I Learn About my PEBB Benefits?

Where can I find a Summary of PEBB Benefits?

How do I Enroll in my PEBB Benefits?

The most effective way to enroll in the Core and Optional PSU benefits is using the online PEBB system. You can electronically register to enroll or confirm your choices with a few key strokes and mouse clicks. The web site is a user-friendly, easy, secure system. The registration page is your first step in the process and lists all the information you need to provide.

What if my Status Changes before Open Enrollment? - Qualified Status Change (QSC)

What if I Leave PSU?

What About Retiree Health?

What if I Still Have Questions?