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Part-Time Faculty/Adjuncts and Lecturers

Part-time faculty/adjunct position and hiring requirements are often specific to the School where there is an opening. These positions are represented by the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Local 3571 union and there are AFT Collective Bargaining Agreement requirements that need to be followed for pay, office space, etc. We recommend the following procedure to assist with this process:

  1. In advance of filling an adjunct position the departments should meet with the dean's office to plan the number of adjunct positions available for hire within funding availability for that term/year.
  2. Draft the Letter of Offer for the selected Adjunct. Make sure to complete and include the Welcome and Orientation letter.
  3. Check with your Dean's Office to find your school's policy for routing letters of offer (ie., Department, Employee, Dean's Office or Department, Dean's Office, Employee).
  4. Forward the fully signed letter of offer to Human Resources. 
  5. Have the new employee go to HR to complete required New Employee Paperwork on or before their first day. On-boarding & Orientation is a helpful guide for hiring managers.