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School district, PSU test boundaries — will home values be affected?
Author: Wendy Culverwell, Portland Business Journal
Posted: November 13, 2013

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Portland Public Schools is collaborating with Portland State University on a school boundary study that could have major implications for the residential real estate market.

The district announced the two-year partnership Tuesday.

The goal is to evaluate district-wide school boundaries with an eye toward balancing enrollment.

The review will yield new boundaries taking effect with the start of the 2015-2016 school term. The district is committing $39,500 to support the process in partnership with PSU’s Mark Hatfield School of Government’s Center for Public Service.

“Currently there are many PPS schools that are overcrowded or under-enrolled, impacting the quality of education offered to those students,” Judy Brennan, enrollment and transfer director, said in a press release. “Efforts to prioritize and address the most urgent needs – while effective in making needed changes – have also been viewed as inequitable and overly narrow in scope. We believe that a holistic, district-wide approach that intertwines with city and regional planning and goals will best serve our students and Portland as a whole.”

The team will work with the city, teachers, parents and the broader community on a data-driven process.

Key steps:

PSU and the district will assess existing boundaries and identify problems that need to be resolved through February 2014.

  • The team will work with the city, Metro and community members to get feedback on the best way to rebalance schools or “right-size boundaries,” in the district’s language next spring and summer.
  • A proposed boundary map will be released to the public and presented to the school board for consideration in fall and winter 2014-2015.
  • The new boundaries will take effect in fall 2015.