President honors PSU sustainability leaders
Author: Institute for Sustainable Solutions
Posted: June 8, 2012

At the Fifth Annual PSU Sustainability Celebration on May 29, Sarah Renkens, Scott Marshall, Keith Nevison, and Frank Goulart were presented with Sustainability Leadership Awards by President Wim Wiewel. Thanks and congratulations to these four leaders for their outstanding contributions to campus sustainability this year.

Sarah Renkens and President Wim WiewelSarah Renkens serves as chair of the transportation subcommittee of the Climate Action Plan Implementation Team (CAP-IT), working to develop and implement strategies to reduce carbon emissions from travel and commuting associated with Portland State. She also chairs the ASRC Green Team, and has led her department to achieve numerous sustainability milestones, including having more than 90 percent of employees who commute to campus by bike, public transit, or on foot; reusable water and coffee cups for department employees; and sustainability training for all new employees.

Scott Marshall and President Wim WiewelProfessor Scott Marshall spearheaded innovations to Portland State’s MBA program that resulted in the program being named one of the top in the world by Beyond Grey Pinstripes. Scott has been a mentor for Net Impact, a thriving student organization for business sustainability; has developed innovative courses, including Global Business, Society and Ecology and Sustainable Business Now; and has contributed to an academic and professional culture that supports Portland State’s reputation as a leader in teaching and promoting sustainable business.

Keith Nevison and President Wim WiewelKeith Nevison is a senior environmental studies major and the student garden liaison for the PSU Sustainability Leadership Center. He has been crucial in establishing and restoring various garden areas throughout campus—from the new Campus Community Orchard to the Broadway Building Ecoroof and the Shattuck Hall Ecological Learning Plaza. He is also founder and president of the PSU Ecological Restoration Guild. Keith enthusiastically shares his passion and knowledge about sustainability, and has been a source of inspiration and motivation to students, faculty, and staff.

Frank Goulart and President Wim WiewelFrank Goulart is a master’s candidate in sociology. His research has focused on promoting the ability of local communities to develop sustainable economies, a topic that has led him to testify before a state legislative committee about the closure of Oregon paper mills. Frank also worked with an interdisciplinary team of PSU faculty, students, and community partners on a project examining social equity and environmental health for sustainable cities. The resulting paper, which Frank coauthored, was recently accepted for publication in the International Journal of Social Sustainability in Economic, Social and Cultural Context.