Miguel Figliozzi and research graduate assistants present at Northwest Transportation Conference
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Posted: April 2, 2012

Miguel Figliozzi, Civil and Environmental Engineering faculty and his research graduate assistants Eric Albright, Alex Bigazzi, Courtney Slavin and Wei Feng presented five papers at the Northwest Transportation Conference, Corvallis, Feb. 7-9. Eric Albright co-presented "Leveraging AVL/APC Bus Data to Determine Factors Influencing Transit Signal Priority Effectiveness"; Alex Bigazzi co-presented "Do Congestion-Based Roadway Performance Measures Reflect Emissions Trends?" and "An Empirical Study of the Impact of Freeway Traffic on In-Vehicle Exposure to Ultrafine Particulate Matter"; Courtney Slavin co-presented "The Impact of Traffic, Bus Fleet Characteristics, and Atmospheric Conditions on Particulate Matter Exposure: A Case Study in Portland, Oregon"; and Wei Feng co-presented "Electric Commercial Vehicles: A Study of Economic and Technological Factors Affecting Competitiveness."