Dr. Nam P. Suh presents "Axiomatic Design Theory and Its Role in Developing Complex Systems, e.g., OLEV (On-Line Electric Vehicle)"
Tuesday, January 21, 2014 - 2:00pm

Dr. Nam P. Suh
Tuesday, January 21 at 2pm
SMSU 327/328

"Introduction to Axiomatic Design Theory and its Application, e.g., OLEV (On-Line Electric Vehicle)"


Axiomatic design is a design theory that was created and popularized by Professor Nam P. Suh of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Actually, it is a general design framework, rather than a design theory. As the word “framework” indicates, it can be applied to all design activities. It  consists of two axioms. One is the Independence Axiom and the other is the Information Axiom. A good design should satisfy the two axioms while a bad design does not.

This discovery of the design axioms was a tremendously important step for the design process. It makes the design process much easier to understand and to apply and to teach. The discovery of the axioms created a scientific discipline for design in the same way that mechanics and thermodynamics are scientific disciplines. The practice of design based on axioms became a scientific discipline in the sense that there is a self-consistent, axiom-based logic that leads to good solutions for design problems. 

About Dr. Suh:

Dr. Nam Pyo Suh is the former president of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). Dr. Suh began his career at MIT in 1970, where he was the Ralph E. & Eloise F. Cross Professor, Director of the Park Center for Complex Systems (formerly the Manufacturing Institute), and the Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering for ten years from 1991 to 2001. He was also the Founding Director of the MIT Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity (1977-1984), the Founder and Director of the MIT-Industry Polymer Processing Program (1973-1984), Head of the Mechanics and Material Division of the Mechanical Engineering Department (1975-1977), and a member of the Engineering Council of MIT (1980-1984 and 1991-2001). In October 1984, Dr. Suh took a position of the Presidential Appointment at the National Science Foundation where he was in charge of engineering. Dr. Suh was named president of KAIST in June 2006, and was re-elected to his position on 14 July 2010. He is also the Ralph E. & Eloise F. Cross Professor, Emeritus, M.I.T.