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Educational Technology Specialist Family


This family** encompasses positions that are dedicated to the application and design of emerging technology to educational activities. Jobs in this family require advanced technical expertise, which is integrated with instructional and curricular knowledge.

This family is differentiated from other families, in that these positions work closely with faculty to integrate electronic resources into teaching and learning; support distance education and learning technology initiatives; explore and assess the technical needs of the instructor; and identify available appropriate resources for use in curriculum design and planning. Positions frequently coordinate a team of technical professionals responsible for creating instructional course materials.

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These advanced level positions require a master's degree in information science, instructional design, education, or related field and relevant experience. A doctoral degree is preferred.

Examples of Duties Performed

  • Working directly with faculty, these positions serve as technological experts in the design and application of technology to efficiently achieve educational goals and objectives, such as curricular design and distance learning.
  • Identifies available and appropriate resources or provides design and development assistance to faculty members creating curricular materials. Assists faculty with assessment and redesign of materials used for teaching and learning. Supports faculty using distance and distributed learning technology and other instructional initiatives.
  • Routinely works with faculty to design/develop concepts and apply them to instructional design. Must work collaboratively in team environment and provide primary leadership for team in projects.

**Please be aware the definition of this job family is a generic descriptor of a broad range of job duties and responsibilities found within the family. This family descriptor is not intended to be used as the sole determining factor. The position analysis ultimately determines the level and family of each Academic Professional position. The placement and analysis is based on the position, not the person.