2017 & 2018 Tax Information & Resources

As we begin 2018, Human Resources has a number of critical employment and tax updates to share with you:

  1. Tax Law Changes: Due to the tax law changes enacted in December of 2017, your individual tax situation may have changed. While PSU cannot provide specific tax advice, information is available online from the IRS at https://www.irs.gov/. Additionally, general tax bracket information is available online - https://taxfoundation.org/2018-tax-brackets/.

  2. 2017 W-2 Forms: W-2 forms have been sent out via paper or electronic format, per your election. Electronic only W-2 Forms are available on Banweb. Paper W-2s were mailed by University Shared Services (USSE) to the address you have on file in banweb. More information is available at https://www.pdx.edu/hr/w2-faq

  3. W-4 Withholding Forms:
    1. Tax Law Changes: The recent tax reform may have an impact on the amount of withholding that you would like to elect through the W-4 form. See the IRS Withholding calculator.
    2. Filing “Exempt” from 2017 Federal and/or State Tax Withholding: Employees who filed a 2017 Form W-4 Exemption from Federal and State income tax withholdings must re-file by February 28, 2018 if qualified to continue their “Exempt from Withholdings” in 2018. Re-file online in Banweb before February 16, 2018. In Banweb select the "Employee Services" tab, then "Payroll Tax Forms" to update your “Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate” elections for 2018. Note: Due to the new tax reform legislation, exempt employees will need to re-file their exempt status once the IRS releases the 2018 W-4 forms.

  4. 1042-S Forms: Foreign Person’s U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding, for international employees covered by a tax treaty are only available in hardcopy through the mail. 1042-S Forms will be mailed from USSE in February.

  5. 2018 Non Resident Alien Tax Packet: International employees must complete and re-file a 2018 Non Resident Alien Tax Packet with Human Resources no later than January 10, 2018 to claim Visa related Social Security/Medicare tax withholding exemptions for 2018 and to apply for 2018 Tax Treaty benefits. Failure to re-file will result in tax withholdings from your 2018 pay. NRA Tax Packets are available for printing from the HR web site at https://www.pdx.edu/hr/tax-treaties-non-resident-alien-guidelines

  6. Affordable Care Act (ACA): Eligible PSU employees will receive an IRS Form 1095-C, Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage, by mail no later than March 31, 2018 from PEBB. As an “Applicable Large Employer” PSU is subject to the employer shared responsibility provision in the Affordable Care Act. Form 1095-C includes information about the health insurance coverage offered to you, your spouse and dependent(s). You may also receive Form 1095-C from your insurance carrier and other employers. More information about the Affordable Care Act and Form 1095-C is available on the IRS website at https://www.irs.gov/. In addition, HR provides ACA and 1095-C FAQs:

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us at askhrc@pdx.edu or by phone at 503-725-4926. We are here to help you.


Revised: 2/27/2018