Dear Students,

We want to reach out to start communication early about your Move Out plans. As we work to comply with stringent physical distancing guidelines, we need to be aware of the potential risk that move out poses to our residents, families, and staff.  If you do not have a summer contract, you must move out within 24 hours of your last final and no later than Noon, Saturday, June 13th if your last final is on Friday, June 12th.

In light of this, we ask that you start thinking about your move out plan. We will be sending out a survey within the next week to ask about your move-out plans, so please be on the lookout for that email soon.  Below are the guidelines we are asking students to follow during move out:

  • No more than two individuals should assist you with your move
  • Wear personal protective equipment such as a mask
  • No more than two people may occupy an elevator at a time
  • Consider moving out at low volume times such as weekdays and evenings
  • Consult the CDC’s How to Protect Yourself
    • If you have symptoms of acute respiratory illness (i.e., fever, cough, shortness of breath), you must stay home and not come to campus until free of symptoms for at least 72 hours without the use of medicine, and 7 days have passed since your symptoms have appeared,  as recommended by the CDC’s What To Do if You Are Sick?.This requirement also applies to anyone helping you move.

If you are sick, you should notify UHRL and choose an alternate option for collecting your  personal belongings.

Alternate option:

UHRL has identified a third party contractor, Dorm Room Movers, who complies with PSU contract requirements that we will happily connect you with to manage the removal, shipping or potential storing of the items in your room. Students who contract with Dorm Room Movers will pay for this service and assume any liability associated with this process.  


  • Can I move out early/now?
    • Yes! You may move-out any time prior to noon on Saturday, June 13th.  Many residents wait until the end of Spring move-out week to vacate, so you may prefer to vacate earlier to avoid crowds.  
  • Is it too late to decide to stay on campus this summer?

Thank you!