Dear Residents,

We want to remind you of a few important things for spring term:

If you are leaving campus housing now for spring term

If you can, please remove as much from your room as you can.  If you cannot move all of your things at this time you will need to remove your belongings between April 28 - June 11 (by appointment only).  Email if you have any questions about returning your keys or to schedule an appointment to remove your belongings.

You do need to return your keys and cancel your contract.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: if you choose this option you must remove food and any dangerous substances.

Regardless of whether you move your belongings, this is how you properly check out and the timeline to do so to receive the spring refund:

  1. Fill out the cancellation form and send to
  2. Thoroughly clean your room and remove all garbage.
  3. Remove your personal belongings if you can.  This is not a requirement now, however.
  4. If appropriate, put the mini-fridge in the shower with the door open to defrost.  Move the furniture to the arrangement when you moved in, with beds on middle rungs (excluding bunked and lofted beds).
  5. Return Keys.  Go to the Montgomery Services Desk area or the Broadway 210 location and find an express check out envelope.  Express check-outs are available 24 hours a day.
  6. Place your keys in the envelope, fill out the information, and drop in the appropriate key drop off slot.

You can take advantage of this spring refund and move out by following all these steps and completing them by noon on Friday March 27th, 2020.


If you are not able to return your keys in person, you can mail them to the address below. If we don’t receive your keys by March 27th, we will process a lock change on your unit and bill accordingly.

PO BOX 751

1600 SW 4th Ave, Suite 518

Portland, OR 97207

Attn: Montgomery Desk


Due to the recent mandates, effective immediately, the Montgomery Desk is not open or able to receive packages. We apologize for the inconvenience. Your packages will be returned to the sender, many vendors will refund you when they receive their package back. If you would like to attempt to reroute packages already in transit, below is information on how to do that. Find your carrier below to see how you should reach out:


Please call the Forest Park Postal office. Their phone number is:  503-228-1003. You will want to explain that you need your package rerouted from PSU housing and held for pick up there. The address for the Forest Park post office is: 1706 NW 24th. 


Reroute your packages from amazon to the lockers located on SW Jefferson St between 11th and 12th Ave near the Northwest corner of Portland State University. This could be a great resource for getting items quickly. You can do this online or call 1 (888) 280-4331


Students expecting UPS deliveries should be able to have their packages rerouted to another address or an actual UPS Store or other "Access Point." You will need to call customer service at 1-800-742-5877 and ask for the "My Choice" program. 


You can attempt to reroute your packages via their online portal to a store front. 


Usually can reroute packages if you reach out to them, their customer service number is 800-344-5000


If you have packages that are at the desk already, you have two options: Have us return your package to its sender, again you will likely get a refund, but you should call and ask about this depending on the carrier. You can also try to resend it to another location once it returns to the sender. We can hold your package at the desk until we open again, at this point it will be April 28th at the least, we will reassess and keep you updated. To tell us what to do with your packages and for questions regarding packages, email the and we will get back to you.


Cancelling your housing for spring quarter will not affect your summer or fall assignment at this point.  We will keep all summer and fall assignments in place for you.

If you have any other questions, please contact

We wish you all the best.  Have a great spring break and spring term.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Walsh

Executive Director of Housing and Residence Life