Dear residents,

As you know now from president Percy, PSU will be remote only for all classes for all spring term 2020.  The residence halls will be open for residents who have nowhere else to go. However, since you can do your classes remotely for the entire spring quarter, you do not need to be on campus if you do not want to be.  And to reduce the density of living in the residence hall, we encourage you to move back home or another location for the spring quarter. To facilitate you being able to do this, we will refund your spring term charges for housing.  If you have a meal plan, you will be refunded for the Spring term charge.

If you wish to stay because you have no other options, you are welcome to stay.  The halls will be open for you. But if you choose to remain in your room and your roommate does as well, please notify us of that right away so we can move one of you to a single room.  We want to facilitate social distancing and that will be the best way we can do that for whoever remains in housing spring quarter.  If both you and your roommate are planning to stay in Housing for the spring quarter, please discuss which of you will move to a new space, and email with this information.  Whoever transfers will continue paying the same rate they are currently paying, regardless of the unit they are assigned to move to.  But again, we encourage anyone who can move home or to another location to do so.

Cancelling your housing for spring quarter will not affect your summer or fall assignment at this point.  We will keep all summer and fall assignments in place for you.

To move out for Spring quarter:

  1. Fill out the cancellation form and send to
  2. Thoroughly clean your room and remove all garbage and personal belongings. If appropriate, put the mini-fridge in the shower with the door open to defrost.  Move the furniture to the arrangement when you moved in, with beds on middle rungs (excluding bunked and lofted beds).
  3. Return Keys.  Go to the Montgomery Services Desk area or the Broadway 210 location and find an express check out envelope.  Note: For this time only, you will not waive your right to petition potential cleaning or damage fees after a walk through of your room.  You have permission to cross that part out on the check out envelope and then sign your name.
  4. Place your keys in the envelope, fill out the information, and drop in the appropriate key drop off slot.

You can take advantage of this spring refund and move out by following all these steps and completing them by noon on March 27th, 2020.

If you have any problems with removing all your personal property, you can indicate that on your cancellation form email.  We will allow you to keep your items in your room until the regular spring move out date which is June 13th free of charge.  Any items remaining after that date will be removed by us and you will be billed for that service. You should still return your keys by noon on March 27th, even if you are leaving belongings in the unit.  We will work with you in June to access the space to remove your belongings.  

PLEASE NOTE: if you choose this option you must remove food and any dangerous substances.

Some other things to keep in mind:


Residents will be charged $200 for not checking out and returning keys.  Do not skip this before you leave campus. Do not leave your keys with a friend, you must drop them off yourself to avoid a $100 improper check out charge and $100 lock change fee.


Residents moving out must obey all PSU and City of Portland parking regulations.  We are not able to offer special parking permits. However, parking is free at PSU now.


We will attempt to place additional dumpsters at the Broadway loading zone, and on College Street near Ondine, near Montgomery, and at Blumel.  Belongings should not be left in rooms, the hallways, or common areas. Residents will be charged for removal of furniture and trash left in the common areas of their communities.


Check your mailbox before you return your keys, and complete forwarding paperwork with USPS. The Montgomery Desk is closed, if you have mail there, please reply to the package notification email that you want it returned to the sender. 


Carts are unavailable.  Please plan accordingly.  

We know this is a very trying time for everyone and we hope we can make this situation as easy as possible.  Please let us know how we can help you and if you have any questions.


Yours sincerely,

Mike Walsh

Executive Director of Housing and Residence Life