July 9, 2020 - Fall Flex Housing Update

Dear future residents,

PSU has announced a Fall Flex plan for fall term 2020.  As promised, we in University Housing and Residence Life are flexible and supportive of your decision of where to live this fall.  This email outlines three options for your fall housing.  Two of these options have an August 17 deadline.  The class schedule in Banweb will be updated to indicate the fall format of each class by August 10.  We encourage you to review the class schedule between August 10 and August 17 to plan for fall term and notify us of any changes in your housing plans prior to the August 17 deadline.

Option #1: Stay with us in our residence halls this fall!  Yes, you are still welcome to live on campus with us this fall.  For the time being, we are prioritizing single occupancy assignments for the fall term in order to minimize residential density.  Many students who have signed up for a double will not have a roommate in fall term. In this case, you will continue to pay the double rate, and agree to be assigned a roommate at a later date.  In some cases, this may require a room transfer to a new double unit. If you have indicated a preferred roommate, we would do our best to place you together at that time.  If you have confirmed an assignment for a single room, you will pay the single rate in order to maintain your room as a single through fall, winter, and spring terms.  Due to limited availability, we are not accepting new assignment requests at this time.  Dining will be take-out only until it is safe to resume usual dining hall operations.  

Option #2: Defer your contract to winter for a winter move-in by 8/17.  This ensures you can move in at the start of Winter term, but does not guarantee a specific space or unit type. There is no cost to defer your contract and you will not be charged for fall housing if you defer your contract to winter by August 17. If classes remain remote beyond the fall term, we anticipate a similar approach to what is outlined in this email for winter and spring terms.  The deadline to defer your contract to winter without fees is August 17.  Cancellation fees will apply to any confirmed fall assignment deferred after August 17.  Please reference our Cancellation Guide for details.

Option #3: Cancel your housing contract by 8/17.  You will receive a refund of your $140 spring prepayment, and will not be charged cancellation fees.  You will not receive a refund of the $50 application fee.  If you decide to move in at a later date, you will need to email housing@pdx.edu to request that your contract be reactivated.  A $50 reactivation fee and $140 spring prepayment will be charged at that time.  We cannot guarantee availability if you select this option.  The deadline to cancel and receive a refund of your Spring Prepayment is August 17. 

If you would like to defer or cancel your 20-21 Housing Contract, please email housing@pdx.edu by August 17.  If you would like to move in this fall, no further action is required and we look forward to welcoming you to campus!  For those of you who are waiting for a fall housing assignment, we will be sending more information soon.  Specific room assignment details for those who have a confirmed fall housing assignment will be sent in mid-August.  We are also refining our move-in process and will communicate those details with you no later than August 20 so you know what to expect for fall move-in.  

We know this is a challenging time for everyone and we hope we can make this situation as straight-forward as possible.  Please let us know how we can help you and if you have any questions. 

Yours sincerely,

University Housing and Residence Life