Dear Residents,

We are writing to provide you with an update on what you can expect for University Housing options this summer, so you can start planning accordingly.  Much is still unknown regarding Covid-19, however we are being proactive in our approach and planning for the potential of continued social distancing requirements. Our priority is to ensure our residents and staff remain safe and healthy. 

Here are some things you can expect for University Housing this summer:

  • Most Spring term residents staying through Summer 2020 will remain in their current units, and will not have a roommate unless they currently live with one. Residents will be billed the same rate they were billed in Spring term. 
  • Some residents will be required to transfer to a new unit, due to previously scheduled summer maintenance projects in certain buildings. Students moving to a new unit for Summer will pay their Spring term rate, unless they are moving to a less expensive unit. Residents in the following buildings/floors should expect to move to a new summer unit on Friday June 12th:
    • Montgomery floor 2
    • Ondine floors 3-6
    • Epler floor 6
    • Blackstone floor 1
    • Parkway all floors 
  • Residents who cancelled their contract for Spring term but left belongings in their room will remain in the same unit for Summer term if they have a Summer contract.  *Exception:  those who left belongings in buildings/floors that are closing for the summer (see bullet point #2). 
  • Residents who have not been staying in their unit during Spring term but who have a roommate living there will be required to transfer to a new single unit for Summer term.  These residents will be billed the same rate they were billed during the 19-20 academic year. 
  • Residents transferring to new units for Fall 2020 will receive more information on their room transfer schedule by mid-July.  Fall room transfers will occur between mid-August and mid-September, depending on unit availability and Covid-19 response requirements.  
  • Because we will not be closing Broadway and Ondine this summer, which are buildings usually used exclusively for Summer Housing & Conferencing guests, there may be a mix of students and non-students in these buildings. We will do our best to be cognizant of resident and guest ages when making room assignments.   

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during these unprecedented times.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Mike Walsh

Executive Director of Housing and Residence Life